Scream, Queen!

It was a dark and stormy night…

Episode Summary

In the premier ep of this garish glimpse at goblins and ghouls—oh yes, one of our copywriters is a #poet nbd go on abt yr meager life lol NE WAYZ our Act I is a hearty round of “What I Woulda Done Was” featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character in I Know What You Did Last Summer (for the love of god binch, never look back gd!!!). Our Act II main discussion is horror origin stories (no we did not say ‘whore origin stories,‘ catch our sister podcast Food 4 Thot for that)—both how we became obsessed with horror, and some of our fave and least fave origin stories in scary movies. Our Act III scream queen this week is Jada Pinkett Smith in Demon Night—but we absolutely don’t sleep on CCH Pounder in that same flick. Supper time, binch! Produced by Domino Sound @dominosound Theme music by Doc Allison @docisgood Hoe-sted by Drea Washington and Tommy Pico @heygrlhey @heyteebs @screamqueenpodcast